Being naked, the centre of my University life

In October 2011 I started at Warwick University. My first new friend (who quickly became my best friend) Hettie and I decided to join the Rowing team together. It’s been an interesting journey, some good times, some horrendous but always very worthwhile and character building. Also, I made all of my Uni best friends there.

5 years ago the University of Warwick Boat Club (UWBC) and a photographer called Angus started a Mens Naked Calendar to raise money for the club, it was a good way of increasing revenue and encouraging club cohesion. In 2012 Hettie and Frankie (also one of my best friends) decided that anything the men could do, the women could do to and set up the first Women’s Naked Calendar supporting the charity MacMillan.


The calendar was a hot topic of debate, particularly with feminists and received a huge amount of media attention. It is now in it’s second year and this year has raised £1600 for MacMillan and hugely contributed to the Boat Club.


I couldn’t be prouder of them and have loved being a part of it (I feature in the 2014 calendar). It’s been a great experience and I will always think back to it very fondly.


If anyone has read this and decides they need a calendar they are still available here or if you just want to know a bit more about the calendar and cause follow @nakedgirlsrow

Hannah x


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